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Job spec: After winning a 3-way pitch we were tasked with producing an all-new 32-page catalogue to showcase the 'lifestyle' collection of products and compliment the newly created LifestylesatHome website. This is the client's first 'own brand' catalogue but they have many years experience of offering a similar product range through Reader Offers in the national press - with off-the-page ads and dual branded catalogues. Our brief, therefore, was to give this catalogue its own identity and its own style of product presentation whilst retaining key elements of the house style.

Feedback since the catalogue was sent out has been very positive and we have since been working on off-the-page ads.

LifeStylesatHome Ads

Happy catalogue clients have asked us to design and write off-the-page ads to appear in both national press and niche publications. Head-to-head testing (using the A/B split method) has proved that we can increase response rates by over 40% on those achieved by incumbent ad agencies. Click here to return to index.  

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